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Almost 150 years ago, Secretary of State William H. Seward made a deal that linked the futures of Alaska and the United States. But at a New York museum dedicated to Seward, the artifacts tying the man to the transaction provide little insight into the monumental purchase.Krestia DeGeorge
Anchorage has Flattop. Palmer and Wasilla have Bodenburg Butte. Both destinations have reasonably sustainable trails, although work still needs to be done. Mount Baldy could be Eagle River’s Flattop, if it weren't so dangerous.  Rick Sinnott
OPINION: If Alaska lawmakers are only considering who pays for abortions, they should also consider who pays for an abortion prohibition in violation of personal liberties.John Sonin
COMMENTARY: Veteran oil and gas consultant Roger Marks advised lawmakers to take the time necessary to work through critical issues buried in the complex agreements between the Parnell administration and the oil companies on the proposed gas pipeline. That sounds reasonable enough.Dermot Cole
COMMENTARY: The Legislative Council is wrestling with a $28 million plan to buy legislative office space in Anchorage, the culmination of a flawed process in which the Legislature negotiated against itself.Dermot Cole
OPINION: Courts just don’t hand out temporary restraining orders and injunctions because they’re in the mood and so inclined. Alaska law already prohibits frivolous litigation. The bill is unnecessary and would harm the democratic process.Andy Josephson
OPINION: For the last 50 years I was never able to share my "earthquake experience" with friends or family. Even my own mother wouldn't let me tell it.Frank E. Baker


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