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COMMENTARY: The Legislative Council is wrestling with a $28 million plan to buy legislative office space in Anchorage, the culmination of a flawed process in which the Legislature negotiated against itself.Dermot Cole
OPINION: Courts just don’t hand out temporary restraining orders and injunctions because they’re in the mood and so inclined. Alaska law already prohibits frivolous litigation. The bill is unnecessary and would harm the democratic process.Andy Josephson
OPINION: For the last 50 years I was never able to share my "earthquake experience" with friends or family. Even my own mother wouldn't let me tell it.Frank E. Baker
The house rocked uncontrollably for about five minutes during the Great Alaska Earthquake. So did the grader that Bob used to plow after snowstorms. The massive piece of equipment was dancing like an animated Walt Disney character.Rick Sinnott
OPINION: Here in Alaska we have a chance to develop differently than the rest of the nation. We have a chance to let the original laws of the land influence policy and our ways of thinking.Chantelle Pence
COMMENTARY: Fairbanks Sen. Pete Kelly says that a disaster is coming that will send energy prices sky high. To prepare, he says, Alaska needs to build massive coal-fired power plants that it may not use. Does this make any sense? Not to me.Dermot Cole
COMMENTARY: It all started as sound. Sort of like a big truck driving by, followed closely by an endless freight train with a landslide crashing down. A sound I remember to this day. A sound I haven't heard since 1964.Dan Kendall


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