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The athlete-adventurer co-founded a relay run called One Run for Boston that started in Los Angeles and ended at the marathon finish line to raise funds for victims.Jenna Fisher
NASA's Kepler spacecraft has detected an Earth-sized planet orbiting an M dwarf star, scientists announced Thursday. We have some 70 billion M dwarf stars in our galaxy, so this suggests a huge number of potential life-friendly planets.Liz Fuller-Wright
Obamacare has enrolled 8 million Americans, and early data suggest it has a good mix of young people. But President Obama knows Republicans aren't remotely ready to give up the fight yet.Linda Feldmann
An overlooked material, relatively cheap and available, promises to help scientists develop technologies that capture waste heat and convert it to electricity more efficiently.Pete Spotts
If follow-through occurs, the agreement would represent a significant shift in a crisis that has been marked by the presence of Russian troops near Ukraine’s eastern border, as well as upheaval and ethnic tension in key Ukrainian cities.Mark Trumbull
A new exoplanet spotted using NASA's Kepler telescope is the first confirmed extrasolar terrestrial planet located within its star's habitable zone.Sudeshna Chowdhury
Boston Medical Center, which treated 28 Boston Marathon victims last year, is the city's busiest trauma center all year long. Officials stress that violence is an everyday problem for Boston.Elizabeth Barber
Delaware Attorney General Beau Biden and his father, Vice President Joe Biden, both made headlines in the past 24 hours. One announced he's running for higher office, and the other took a selfie with President Obama.Linda Feldmann
Want to know where your Facebook friends are? A new optional feature lets you and your friends find each other via location-tracking technology on the Facebook app.Karis Hustad
A Long Island principal called the Confederate flag a 'symbol of hate' as he expelled two students who brought the flag to school. But views about the rebel flag are not so categorical in the South.Patrik Jonsson


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