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The new Justice Department clemency guidelines, which apply to inmates who have served 10 years of their sentence, are designed to alleviate racial disparities left over from tough drug laws.Noelle Swan
The GOP is trying to demonize Senate majority leader Harry Reid as a way to defeat vulnerable Democrats and take over the Senate. But the tactic's effectiveness is questionable. Linda Feldmann
Yes, the Y chromosome separates the guys from the gals, but scientists didn't think it was good for much else. New research indicates that in humans the Y includes a set of multitasking genes that regulate cells throughout the male body.Pete Spotts
A contingent of 150 US troops began arriving in Poland Wednesday, the first of four such units being deployed for training exercises in Eastern Europe in a move criticized as unlikely to impress Russia.Anna Mulrine
The IRS gave $1,000 bonuses to some 1,100 of its own workers with known tax-compliance problems, a US Treasury report finds. On top of an ongoing scandal over tax treatment of tea party groups, the report is a damaging blow to public confidence.Mark Trumbull
New data released by a nonprofit asteroid-watcher reveals that large meteor impacts are not particularly rare. Sudeshna Chowdhury
Tfail, located on a spit of land that extends into Syria, is surrounded by Syrian forces on three sides. Hezbollah, a regime ally, sits on the fourth side.Nicholas Blanford
The alleged perpetrators nabbed the wrong person and traveled nearly halfway across the US to the wrong town, an indictment states. But the episode reveals soft spots in protection for judges and prosecutors, especially at their homes.Patrik Jonsson
Crises from Syria to Crimea to Japan force President Obama and top US securitys official to fly around the world reassuring allies of US security commitments. One good reason: so that nonnuclear countries don't go nuclear.the Monitor's Editorial Board
HBO and Amazon have struck a deal that will make certain HBO shows, including 'The Sopranos' and 'Six Feet Under," available to Prime subscribers. The alliance is a huge win for Amazon in the battle to win over cable cord-cutters. Schuyler Velasco


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