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Stan Stephens, a significant figure in Alaska conservation and tourism, and a long-time tour operator in Prince William Sound, died on Saturday, Sept. 21, 2013. Celebrations of his life are being planned across the state to take place in October.Sean Doogan

Temperatures are dropping across northern Alaska as the hills come alive with intense bursts of fall color. It's enough to make even a grizzled sourdough go out of his way to gawk.

Loren Holmes,Sean Doogan
As seasonal airlines serving Alaska board up for the season and ease competitive pressure in the travel sector, a few noteworthy airfares offer discounts on in-Alaska travel and to Northwest destinations. Scott McMurren
Railbelt Alaskans, or those living on the road and railway system, often overlook Southeast – the coastal communities of Ketchikan, Juneau, Sitka, or other remote Inside Passage destinations more often seen out commercial jet windows than experienced first-hand.Scott McMurren
Ketchikan, one of the southernmost communities in Alaska, beckons to outdoors lovers and offers excellent sea kayaking for all skill levels.Scott McMurren
Erin McKittrick of the small Alaska town of Seldovia said she wrote the book for Alaskans who love Alaska -- not just parents hiking with children. It's as much an exploration of the amazing features of Alaska, as it is the nuts and bolts of dealing with diapers on the trail.Carey Restino | The Homer Tribune
With warm sunny days for weeks on end, tourists and locals in Southeast Alaska are basking in a summer to remember -- and profit from if you're in the tourism industry. Pat Forgey
The Great Alaska Summer of 2013 is not over yet. Here's a roundup of trips across the state as we head into fall.Scott McMurren

Juneau can be an afterthought for Alaska pilots but it also offers some of the best flying, zip-lining and seafood sampling in the world.

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