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News from the North
A few miles from the Arctic Circle on the United States' only Arctic highway, there’s a sloped area notorious for a series of dips and buckles  caused by seasonal thaw and subsurface meltwater. The "frost boils" of Beaver Slide may have met their match.Yereth Rosen
A spokeswoman for the Canadian arm of the Humane Society International is clarifying the group’s position on the Inuit seal hunt, as a protest in the North against TV star Ellen DeGeneres gains support.The Canadian Press
A proposed national voting law would require government-issued IDs and prohibit "vouching," the in-person verification commonly used in small communities in the far north.CBC News
Helsinki’s ‘Kutsuplus’ service offers public transport with the convenience of a taxi, but at a much lower price. Rides are arranged via computer, tablet or smartphone.YLE News
Unusually thin ice would have allowed for an earlier seasonal opening of the Finland-to-Russia canal, but renovation work precluded that option. YLE News
Alaska's polar, brown and black bears are the descendants of common ancestors that first began to split off into different species more than a million years ago, says a new study. Another study suggests one isolated population of brown bears may be more related to polar bears than to other brown bears.Yereth Rosen
A wide network of rescue-coordination centers exists, but mostly for communications. Assets for conducting searches and rescues are still lacking in some key regions.Mia Bennett
Absence of snow exposes dark areas that absorb solar heat and speeds the melt of Mackenzie River ice, a new study finds.Marc Montgomery, Radio Canada International
Arctic sea ice reached its maximum annual coverage two weeks ago. While the cover was the fifth-lowest maximum since 1979, data also shows a higher proportion of ice is sticking around through multiple years.Yereth Rosen
Operation Spring Forward is underway and will run for two weeks in Nunavut, the Northwest Territories and other far-north Canadian regions.CBC News