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The National Transportation Safety Board is currently investigating four accidents and one incident involving members of Ravn Alaska air group, including a fatal crash outside of Bethel Tuesday night. Alaska Airlines is currently in the process of "unwinding" its business partnership with one Ravn Alaska member, Hageland Aviation.

Colleen Mondor
A plane crash outside of the Southwest Alaska community of Bethel on Tuesday evening killed the two people aboard, Alaska State Troopers reported. The NTSB is planning to visit the crash site Thursday.Ben Anderson
Local residents are frustrated after a DOT letter to the city of Seldovia requested a lethal take of local turkeys​.Hannah Heimbuch | The Homer Tribune
The Southwest Alaska village had long enjoyed its isolation from Dillingham, in part because the latter allows the sale of alcohol. But rising plane fares and high electric costs have residents reconsidering.Jim Paulin
In Alaska, the aviation community has learned the hard lesson that while “missing” is only part of the story, sometimes it can be a very long time before the true ending is every known.Colleen Mondor
New technology is being used to help determine probable cause in the multiple fatality crash of the Alaska State Troopers helicopter Helo-1 last year, the first such use of the technology. Colleen Mondor
Since statehood in 1959, more than half of the Alaska State Troopers who have died on duty have fallen victim to aircraft accidents.Craig Medred
The collision between the Grant Aviation and Ryan Air aircraft occurred when pilot Scott Veal tried to pass over the top of girlfriend Kristen Sprague's smaller aircraft, according to a new NTSB report.Colleen Mondor
The fallout from the Flint Hills refinery shutdown is likely to mean budget cuts and layoffs at the state-owned Alaska Railroad, which stands to lose most of the revenue from its biggest customer.Dermot Cole
An NTSB report on the crash that killed a well-regarded Alaska State Trooper helicopter pilot and two others in March of 2013 raises disconcerting questions about the culture of safety within the troopers' aircraft section.Craig Medred