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OPINION: Because the governor’s gasline bill is moving closer to passage, Alaska is drawing closer to new economic opportunity. We should explore other financing options besides one with Transcanada.

Eric Feige
OPINION: If SJR 21 somehow makes it into law, make no mistake, the new system would inject politics into a balanced system that has served Alaskans well since statehood.Lance Parrish
OPINION: The court system does not have an ongoing obligation to continually make available online the existence of a nonconviction record and allow unrestricted public access to the record long after it is closed.Mary Geddes
I never knew Corey Akerelrea, except in the virtual world, and only then after his death. I wish I could bring him back and get to know him better.Craig Medred
Republican leaders in the state House have scheduled a floor vote on a fast-track measure to raise the minimum wage in Alaska, a plan that has far more to do with oil politics than anything else.Dermot Cole
OPINION: Community policing is an important public safety tool. Because the government cannot protect its citizens day-to-day, the public should be empowered with access to information for its protection.Taylor Winston
OPINION: It fills me with dismay that Alaska has not had a conversation about ocean acidification even as some of its leaders continue to push new coal-fired power plants.Tom Evans
OPINION: Even though he's from Texas, the Alaska Gasline Development Corp. Board is stronger thanks to the appointment of Richard Rabinow.Mike Chenault
OPINION: Alaska is about to once again jump into an agreement on a gas line project that will cost billions. The problem is the state no longer has the cash reserves to flush away on low-probability projects.Harry Noah
OPINION: It’s clear that Alaska doesn't have enough money for all of its pie-in-the-sky megaprojects. We Alaskans need to ask why our legislators are spending millions on projects that won't be happening.Lois Epstein