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OPINION: Because the governor’s gasline bill is moving closer to passage, Alaska is drawing closer to new economic opportunity. We should explore other financing options besides one with Transcanada.Eric Feige
OPINION: The court system does not have an ongoing obligation to continually make available online the existence of a nonconviction record and allow unrestricted public access to the record long after it is closed.Mary Geddes
I never knew Corey Akerelrea, except in the virtual world, and only then after his death. I wish I could bring him back and get to know him better.Craig Medred
Republican leaders in the state House have scheduled a floor vote on a fast-track measure to raise the minimum wage in Alaska, a plan that has far more to do with oil politics than anything else.Dermot Cole
OPINION: Community policing is an important public safety tool. Because the government cannot protect its citizens day-to-day, the public should be empowered with access to information for its protection.Taylor Winston
OPINION: It fills me with dismay that Alaska has not had a conversation about ocean acidification even as some of its leaders continue to push new coal-fired power plants.Tom Evans
OPINION: Even though he's from Texas, the Alaska Gasline Development Corp. Board is stronger thanks to the appointment of Richard Rabinow.Mike Chenault
OPINION: Alaska is about to once again jump into an agreement on a gas line project that will cost billions. The problem is the state no longer has the cash reserves to flush away on low-probability projects.Harry Noah
OPINION: It’s clear that Alaska doesn't have enough money for all of its pie-in-the-sky megaprojects. We Alaskans need to ask why our legislators are spending millions on projects that won't be happening.Lois Epstein
OPINION: While Rio Tinto no longer sees the Pebble prospect as a good fit with its current portfolio, donating its shares is not so much a charitable act, but a strategic investment in Alaska's future and the company's future in the 49th state.Jean-Sebastien Jacques