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More special early-season offers to explore the Last Frontier continue to trickle in as the days get longer, the temperature climbs -- and the tourists begin to arrive in droves.

Scott McMurren
The Alaska Legislature gave official recognition to 20 Native languages. It's a symbolic gesture, lawmakers say, but it won approval shortly after 3 a.m. Monday in no small part because dozens of Native people who are passionate about their languages spent all day and most of the night in the hallways and galleries.Dermot Cole
Newly-released historic footage of Alaska during its territorial days includes a 1932 silent film of grizzly bears frolicking in salmon streams, Mount Spurr erupting in 1953, and military training in the "lonely land" of the Last Frontier.Laurel Andrews
A prominent Southeast Alaska cultural leader says a Yale University museum that has held onto a pair of Tlingit carvings taken from Cape Fox more than a century ago should voluntarily return the items instead of waiting for tribal officials to make a formal request.Alex DeMarban
The Last Frontier’s newest movie stars are three grizzly bears named Sky, Amber and Scout.Sean Doogan
In this week’s journey into the amazing U.S.A., Sarah Palin wants to know: “Arrr ya ready for adventure?”Maia Nolan-Partnow
Airfares are dropping from Juneau, Anchorage and Fairbanks as airlines compete prior to the summer travel season.Scott McMurren
If you could ask Vladimir Putin one question, what would it be? Submit it to Russian National Central Television's woman in Alaska, and the Russian leader may answer it in his annual, sit-down Q-and-A.Alex DeMarban

At any given day at Southside Gym in Anchorage, Alaskan powerlifters who compete in the Special Olympics can be found working out, trash-talking and joking around. 

Tara Young
The idea behind “American River Renegades” was to feature people who make their living along the water. For PJ Simon, a Koyukon Athabascan who grew up at the foot of the Brooks Range, that means subsistence fishing and hunting. Alex DeMarban