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Disabilities are no barrier to enjoying winter sports at Challenge Alaska, where physical, developmental and cognitive differences just mean you might need some special equipment -- and some friendly support -- to get down the mountain.

Tara Young

Savoonga artist Jason Iya carves "transformation art" inspired by the carvings of his prehistoric ancestors.

Tara Young
There are some good air fare deals right now -- but the really great deals are around the corner in mid-May.Scott McMurren
Gus the great horned owl was 25 years old when he died last week. Gina Hollomon, his caretaker of 10 years, said with his departure, she lost a soulmate. Jerzy Shedlock
Olen Steinhauer has penned a high-stakes international thriller that expertly blends dubious government behavior with memorable characters.Erik Spanberg
A national writers conference in Seattle gave a rare opportunity for Alaska authors to consider the direction of the state's literary future, including the increasingly airbrushed view many have of the Last Frontier, thanks to reality TV.Colleen Mondor
Maybe it's the mystery. Maybe it's jealousy. For whatever reason, the listmakers and rankings-mongers of the Internet love to point out Alaska's perceived flaws and shortcomings -- along with the the state's more awesome qualities.Sean Doogan
In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, here’s a winning recipe for Irish soda bread. The basic traditional version calls for flour, buttermilk, baking soda and salt, but it will sing with small additions of anything from citrus zest and raisins to candied orange peel or bits of dark chocolate.Kim Sunée

Girdwood glass blower Darby Andrews sees clear opportunities with the possibility of a recreational marijuana industry in Alaska and sheds light on the state's "don't ask, don't tell" attitude towards the drug.

Tara Young
Girdwood glass blower Darby Andrews is just starting to imagine what it could mean for his business if marijuana is legalized in Alaska, ending the state's "don't ask, don't tell" attitude towards the drug.Megan Edge



Democracy is not dead in Alaska, but HB 77 is -- for now

OPINION: The death of legislation proposing changes to Alaskans' access to water rights proves that loud and sustained public outcry can indeed change the course of government for the greater good. But Alaskans should keep vigilant for the bill's return.Hal Shepherd