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Maybe it's the mystery. Maybe it's jealousy. For whatever reason, the listmakers and rankings-mongers of the Internet love to point out Alaska's perceived flaws and shortcomings -- along with the the state's more awesome qualities.

Sean Doogan
A prominent Southeast Alaska cultural leader says a Yale University museum that has held onto a pair of Tlingit carvings taken from Cape Fox more than a century ago should voluntarily return the items instead of waiting for tribal officials to make a formal request.Alex DeMarban

At any given day at Southside Gym in Anchorage, Alaskan powerlifters who compete in the Special Olympics can be found working out, trash-talking and joking around. 

Tara Young
A state economic trends report says that the beer industry is bubbling in Alaska, but brewers say there is a lot for lawmakers to change if they want the momentum to continue.Megan Edge
This morning, my husband Chip woke up and groaned that he had caught the flu, but it felt like food poisoning.  Which brings us full circle. He is still in bed with a pillow over his head and Pearl is sleeping sympathetically in my spot.Heather Lende
For the past 30 years, Surreal Studios in Anchorage has seen hundreds of Alaskan musical acts pass through its doors, providing musicians with the means to cut high-quality recordings in hopes of hitting the bigtime.Megan Edge

More than 300 people took the trek up messy and very muddy Arctic Valley Road Saturday afternoon to participate in the 10th Merry Marmot Festival, a fundraiser and celebration of spring to wrap up the winter season.

Loren Holmes,Megan Edge

Students in Nome are documenting their town's living history, developing video and audio production skills along the way.

Tara Young
Looking for a challenge, Fairbanks resident Elliot Wilson decided to learn to ride a unicycle, then signed up for and completed a 100-mile endurance race on it, proving the naysayers wrong along the way.Suzanna Caldwell
University of Alaska scientist Ryan Harrod studies human remains. They tell him a lot about violence and social inequality. Can they also teach us to be a gentler, kinder society? Jill Burke