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University of Alaska scientist Ryan Harrod studies human remains. They tell him a lot about violence and social inequality. Can they also teach us to be a gentler, kinder society? Jill Burke

Disabilities are no barrier to enjoying winter sports at Challenge Alaska, where physical, developmental and cognitive differences just mean you might need some special equipment -- and some friendly support -- to get down the mountain.

Tara Young

Join Alaska's favorite irascible outdoorsman on a tour of the brand-new Cabela's superstore opening soon in South Anchorage.

Tara Young
Alaska's leading expert on butterflies, Fairbanks scientist Ken Philip, has died at 82. His collection is bound for the Smithsonian, the University of Alaska Museum of the North and the National Park Service.Dermot Cole
Gus the great horned owl was 25 years old when he died last week. Gina Hollomon, his caretaker of 10 years, said with his departure, she lost a soulmate. Jerzy Shedlock
Maybe it's the mystery. Maybe it's jealousy. For whatever reason, the listmakers and rankings-mongers of the Internet love to point out Alaska's perceived flaws and shortcomings -- along with the the state's more awesome qualities.Sean Doogan
Girdwood glass blower Darby Andrews is just starting to imagine what it could mean for his business if marijuana is legalized in Alaska, ending the state's "don't ask, don't tell" attitude towards the drug.Megan Edge
Chances are if you've waited until now to make your dinner reservations for Valentine's Day, you've waited too long. Here's a look at some last-minute backup plans.Megan Edge
With a dusting of snow crippling the southern U.S., Alaska is once again smugly chuckling at how the Lower 48 deals with cold weather. But we can't really talk -- the Last Frontier's been gripped with a heat wave, and we're not quite sure how to handle ourselves.Alaska Dispatch staff
Peter Lekisch was one of those people who was supposed to live forever. Strong, fit, health-conscious, he set a bicycle speed record at 60. But he died unexpectedly from complications with a common heart surgery.Craig Medred