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Lois Beckett
Mexico says measures to track cell phone calls and censor websites are important for fighting cyberattacks, kidnappings, and other crimes. But opponents fear an online clampdown.Maya Kroth
Researchers have developed a 'five-qubit array,' furthering the development of a fully functional quantum computer.Sudeshna Chowdhury
The FDA's proposed regulations on electronic cigarettes help build on progress since 1964 in snuffing out any desire for tobacco-related products among Americans. The latest rules aim to help more teens make healthy choices over nicotine addiction.the Monitor's Editorial Board
Narendra Modi is favored to become India's next prime minister, but he would need to secure the backing of powerful regional parties to form a government.Vaishnavi Chandrashekhar
Chicago is bidding for a George Lucas museum and a presidential library. But controversial efforts by the state to borrow money to boost its chances could create an image problem for Obama.Mark Guarino
American Idol recap: Sam Woolf and Jena Irene continue to improve and impress. But Caleb Johnson also had a big moment in Wednesday night's American Idol performance.David Clark Scott
A comedy of Russian art and politics finds a frustrated writer being torn apart at the seams.
The Nevada rancher who took on the BLM now posits that 'the Negro' may be better off as slaves. The link between racially offensive views and a certain strain of far-right politics seen at the Cliven Bundy ranch is well established, analysts say.Patrik Jonsson
The American reporter for Vice News had been shooting often reckless videos of the crisis before he was grabbed by pro-Russia militiamen. He was released Thursday after being held for four days.Anna Kordunsky