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Russia and intelligence experts say the Ukraine conflict – more subterfuge than overt action in its tactics – is aimed at nothing less than reestablishing Russian grandeur and power.
Howard LaFranchi | The Christian Science Monitor
From Los Angeles to Boston, more and more suburban homeowners are inviting friends and neighbors for a living room concert.John Kehe
Some rural lawmen say they will refuse to enforce the president's gun-control proposals if they become law. The comments highlight why gun control is such a thorny topic.Patrik Jonsson
A Gallup poll shows that the nation mood doesn't coincide with marked improvement in the jobs outlook. Instead, it indicates that Americans are becoming more worried about Washington's management of debt and other fiscal matters.Mark Trumbull
The CIA is adamant that the torture scenes in the new film 'Zero Dark Thirty' are not an accurate portrayal of the hunt for Osama bin Laden, but how much is accurate?Brad Knickerbocker
Google Maps is returning to iOS 6-equipped iPhones and iPod Touch handsets.Matthew Shaer
At least some Illinois legislators say the ruling will help calm the violence in Chicago, where the nation's strictest gun controls have failed to quell growing numbers of gang shootings this year.Patrik Jonsson
Two news anchors resigned on air on Tuesday. They didn't go into details, but they told the Bangor Daily News later that they were both frustrated with management.Staff
Jill Kelley, one of the key players in the Petraeus scandal, received US State Department approval for her appointment as honorary Korean consul in Florida.Donald Kirk
As the 'Petraeus scandal' widens with probes and politics, it should also throw a spotlight on the state of marriage.the Monitor's Editorial Board