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Changes to the Chugach Open, Alyeska Resort's multi-discipline big mountain competition set to begin Friday, may leave athletes and spectators a little disappointed.

Katie Medred

From fur auctions and carnival rides to races with reindeer and outhouses, the 79th annual Fur Rendezvous festival is classic Anchorage at its best.

Tara Young

A homeowner in South Anchorage has a run in with a pair of young brown bears, with pretty cute consequences.

Katie Medred
Ever wanted to see what it’s like flying next to eagles, hundreds of feet in the air in far-flung Alaska?Eli Martin

For about a decade, Tim Meyers has run a farm in Western Alaska -- one of the harshest environments in America to make a go at agriculture. Here's what his world looks like.

Loren Holmes
See Ginger look. See Ginger stalk. See Ginger encounter a mother moose with twin calves. What happens next? You'll just have to watch and see.Katie Medred

Alaska photographer Clark James Mishler is holding a signing Saturday at the Anchorage Museum to promote his new book, "Portrait Alaska," which includes 200 portraits he's made over the past 20 years.

Loren Holmes
Fiercely proud of his Tsimshian heritage, artist David Boxley began closing a knowledge gap 30 years ago -- one performance and carving at a time.Steve Quinn
University of Alaska Fairbanks radio station KSUA was surprised with an MTV Woodie Award for best college radio station in the U.S. during the South by Southwest music festival. And the station was spotlighted Sunday on MTV's awards show.Laurel Andrews

Boeing 727 jets are a dime a dozen in the skies over Alaska's largest city, but it's not every day that one lands on Anchorage's little community airfield.

Josh Martinez,Ben Anderson



Alaska gas line revenues could hit $4 billion, but don't count the money just yet

OPINION: It's possible that a gas pipeline could generate $4 billion a year a decade from now. But if oil and gas prices tank while construction costs shoot up, the state could collect 10 percent of that amount. In thinking about a gas pipeline, Alaskans shouldn't think of the much-quoted $4 billion forecast as a given.Dermot Cole