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How did a college radio station in Interior Alaska make the cut as a Top 10 contender for an MTV University Woodie Award?Laurel Andrews
The Harlem Shake YouTube video meme has gone viral across the globe, and Alaska is no exception. Here are the best videos so far from the Last Frontier.Laurel Andrews

The hulking, abandoned Buckner Building in Whittier has long been a draw for folks hoping to get a little scared or paint some graffiti. But two friends had another plan for the structure: to ski a line through all five stories.

Alaska Dispatch
Thompson Pass, one of the snowiest places in North America, has a rich history behind its life as a premier skiing destination. Here's how it all began.Alaska Dispatch
A look back at our favorite holiday moment from Sarah Palin's real-life Alaska: the 2008 Thanksgiving turkey pardoning and slaughter at Triple D Farm and Hatchery.Alaska Dispatch
Eureka Creek, in Alaska's Interior, is not for the packrafting rookie. Here's one man's story -- and video -- of his attempted solo trip down the fast-moving river.Alaska Dispatch
Afognak Island, just north of the better-known island of Kodiak, is home to little more than a fish hatchery, bears, and a lot of history. That doesn't mean there's nothing to do, though.Alaska Dispatch
Eating local in Alaska presents unique challenges, but as Matt Oster and Saskia Esslinger demonstrate, it can be done, and a documentary video series has taken note.Laurel Andrews
Some 130 tough miles in four days, on six hours of sleep -- it's just another summertime adventure for one group of hardcore, cross-country-trekkin' Alaskans.Alaska Dispatch
It's comforting to know that even those who ski for a living occasionally wipe out. Especially in Alaska, where everything from mountains to snowfall is just a little bigger.Alaska Dispatch