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Gov. Sean Parnell's pay-down plan is largely endorsed by the Alaska House. The cash infusion would reduce the size of future annual payments towards the unfunded liability.

Pat Forgey
The Parnell administration got what it wanted from the Legislature Sunday on its gas pipeline plan -- approval of a negotiating process aimed at developing contracts to perform the work necessary to decide if a pipeline will be built.Dermot Cole
The Alaska Legislature on Sunday passed a funding package to put $3 billion toward Alaska teachers' and public employees' retirement systems, but will cost the state an additional $2.7 billion in the years ahead, according to an analysis of the plan.Pat Forgey
One small item revealed in the Alaska capital budget late Saturday could lead to a big debate: putting $25,000 in the state budget for "information that may influence the outcome of an election on initiatives" this year.Dermot Cole
On the second-to-last day of the 2014 legislative session, the Senate unanimously passed a big cash infusion to help pay down retirement debt for teachers and public employees.Pat Forgey
Reversing course from a proposal made Friday, the committee said that funding for additional programs -- including benefits for home-schooled children, charter schools and residential schools -- would be on top of an extra $100 million going to schools this year.Pat Forgey
The Legislature is expected on Sunday to approve a complex gas pipeline bill that would trigger new negotiations with the oil companies on a project to tap into a vast North Slope resource and help sustain the Alaska economy for decades — if things go according to plan.Dermot Cole
The Alaska Legislature enters the final two days of the legislative session with most of its major bills not quite ready for final action. Lawmakers prepared to work late into the night Saturday with the 90th day of the session arriving on Easter. Dermot Cole
It's crunch time in the Legislature, and although much of the wheeling and dealing is being done behind closed doors, constituents can track the official progress of the bills they care about using the BASIS online tool.Pat Forgey
Alaska schools are being offered what Senate Republican leaders are saying is generous funding for next year, but it is less than school advocates say Alaska schools need to stave off another year of teacher and other cuts.Pat Forgey