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By a vote of 13-7 Tuesday, the Alaska Senate passed legislation that would allow out-of-state appointees of the governor to sit on the board of the Alaska Gasline Development Corporation.

Pat Forgey
The first order of business for the Anchorage Assembly after the April 1 election was to elect a new chair and vice-chair.Sean Doogan
Alaska Gov. Sean Parnell has committed to a series of gubernatorial candidate debates and forums in the lead-up to the primary and general elections.Alex DeMarban
A measure aimed at eliminating the sale of synthetic drugs like Spice was approved by the Wasilla City Council Monday, mimicking an approach recently adopted in Anchorage.Sean Doogan
Education advocates were optimistic after a day of hearings in the Senate Finance Committee on a bill that could boost the base student allocation by about $300.Pat Forgey
A bill to define "medically necessary" abortions funded through Medicaid is on its way to the governor's desk. Critics said it is also on its way to a constitutional court challenge.Dermot Cole
A scaled-down plan to assist three in-state refineries in North Pole, Valdez and Kenai faces a vote in the state House this week. It could cost the state $150 million over the next five years, but it might not be enough, some legislators warned. Dermot Cole
After the state House approved a bill to raise the minimum wage on a 21-19 vote Sunday night, House Speaker Mike Chenault denounced Ed Flanagan, the leader of the minimum wage initiative drive, for holding up a notebook in a committee meeting on which he had drawn a dollar sign.Dermot Cole
The Alaska Senate has given its approval to a toll bridge project across Knik Arm, despite key traffic projections being overdue. The report is important for people who want to know if the project can pay back hundreds of millions of dollars that Alaska would borrow to build it.Pat Forgey
Senate leaders failed to muster 14 votes for a constitutional amendment to change the way Alaska selects judges, withdrawing the proposal after a week in which the measure appeared on the calendar every day.Dermot Cole



  • Artur Debski, a sitting member of the Polish parliament, has been looking for jobs, sleeping on floors, and trying to make ends meet in one of the top destinations for Polish emigrants.
  • Rare baby camel: Born on April 9, a wild Bactrian camel named 'Ilias' was seen with his eight-year-old mother at the Budapest Zoo. Unlike Arabian camels, which have a single hump, Bactrian camels have two humps and are an endangered lot.