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A bill to define "medically necessary" abortions funded through Medicaid is on its way to the governor's desk. Critics said it is also on its way to a constitutional court challenge.Dermot Cole
A scaled-down plan to assist three in-state refineries in North Pole, Valdez and Kenai faces a vote in the state House this week. It could cost the state $150 million over the next five years, but it might not be enough, some legislators warned. Dermot Cole
After the state House approved a bill to raise the minimum wage on a 21-19 vote Sunday night, House Speaker Mike Chenault denounced Ed Flanagan, the leader of the minimum wage initiative drive, for holding up a notebook in a committee meeting on which he had drawn a dollar sign.Dermot Cole
The Alaska Senate has given its approval to a toll bridge project across Knik Arm, despite key traffic projections being overdue. The report is important for people who want to know if the project can pay back hundreds of millions of dollars that Alaska would borrow to build it.Pat Forgey
Senate leaders failed to muster 14 votes for a constitutional amendment to change the way Alaska selects judges, withdrawing the proposal after a week in which the measure appeared on the calendar every day.Dermot Cole
Tosi said he raised and spent about $4,000 on his grassroots effort to win a seat on the Anchorage Assembly, and he faced opponents who spent much more. Sean Doogan
The bill is aimed at ensuring long-term users of prescription opioids are taking their medicine. A negative test could suggest the drugs are being redirected for illicit uses.Jim Paulin
Just eight votes separate the yeas and nays to determine a capital improvement bond that includes money for renovating the aging Loussac Library. Thirty votes remain uncounted and scheduled for review.Sean Doogan
Retirement funds for Alaska's teachers and public employees are facing $12 billion in shortfalls. How did we get here, and who's to blame?Pat Forgey
A revised five-year financial aid package of up to $300 million for Alaska refineries failed to win the endorsement of the House Finance Committee Friday night, but supporters pledged to keep searching for a compromise.Dermot Cole