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Rural Alaska
The new Barrow hotel on Alaska's North Slope will have 70 guest rooms, about twice as many as the old one, and three conference rooms. It will be the largest ever in Barrow by far.Alex DeMarban
An alternative energy project receiving $3.4 million in federal economic stimulus funds is in shambles.  Bird-friendly wind turbines that were to power the offices of the Izembek National Wildlife Refuge in Western Alaska are sitting in a pile on the ground.Craig Medred
State officials announced Monday that they will sue the federal government for permission to build a long-sought road through part of the Izembek National Widlife Refuge.Alex DeMarban
Alaska's polar, brown and black bears are the descendants of common ancestors that first began to split off into different species more than a million years ago, says a new study. Another study suggests one isolated population of brown bears may be more related to polar bears than to other brown bears.Yereth Rosen
The Pebble Partnership's minority shareholder Rio Tinto gifted its stake in the agreement to two Alaska charities Monday, effectively cutting ties with the controversial mine proposal.Suzanna Caldwell,Alex DeMarban
Unalaska first responders and residents practiced disaster response with a simulated tsunami. There were no hypothetical deaths or major injuries in the drill, although community infrastructure sustained theoretical damage.Jim Paulin
The British-Australian mining company said it will give its 19.1 percent stake in Northern Dynasty Minerals to the Alaska Community Foundation and Bristol Bay Native Corporation Education Foundation.Alaska Dispatch
ANALYSIS: Debate over building a road through the Izembek National Wildlife Refuge has started veering away from reality.Alex DeMarban
Dillingham's solid waste permit is set to expire, and won't be renewed if the city continues open burning. Meanwhile it's landfill is running out of room. This combination has them eyeing a fuel-efficient incinerator designed for remote communities.Dave Bendinger
In 2009, Kotzebue residents voted to allow some alcohol. A city-run package store is thriving and producing much-needed revenue. But as the Northwest Alaska city beside the Chukchi Sea considers a bar and grill, not everyone is happy.Jillian Rogers