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Ever noticed that gray fungus that appears when the snow has melted but the temperatures remain cool around the Last Frontier? Well, that's snow mold, and it's harmless to humans, but a scourge for golf courses.

Alex DeMarban
The two North Slope villages have little radio activity, making them ideal for the observations made by the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence.Earl Finkler
Temperature trends show the Arctic warmed about 1 degree per decade, on average, between 1981 and 2012. Compare that to the global per-decade average of 0.3 degrees Fahrenheit over the same period, according to NASA.Yereth Rosen
A history of wolves on Alaska's Kenai Peninsula reveals trials and tribulations -- both human-created and otherwise -- for the animals, including poisoning, hunting, trapping and disease.Jenny Neyman
Unplanned events -- like fixing or replacing a broken snowmachine -- come with the territory for scientists whose research takes them to broad, bare expanses of the North Slope's coastal plain.Ned Rozell
A species of bird now flying north to summer breeding grounds in the boreal forests of Alaska and Canada has fallen on hard times, and biologists are asking the public to help figure out why.Yereth Rosen
Moon eclipse 2014: The first total lunar eclipse of the year will be visible to most of North and South America tonight. Those in the northeast will miss the tail end of the eclipse, but will see the deep red phase some call the 'blood moon'.Liz Fuller-Wright
Traces of some pesticides that were likely never used in Alaska have been showing up in fish tested in the state's national parks, according to a new study. And they appear to be arriving in some roundabout ways.Yereth Rosen
The temperatures at a field research station near Toolik Lake, north of Alaska's Brooks Range, are still frigid, but activity in preparation for the busy summer season is already under way.Ned Rozell
The areas coveted as sea routes for commercial shippers seeking to exploit increasingly ice-free Arctic waters are the same areas that are vital to millions of seabirds that flock north each summer to feast under the midnight sun, says a newly published study.Yereth Rosen