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Arctic sea ice reached its maximum annual coverage two weeks ago. While the cover was the fifth-lowest maximum since 1979, data also shows a higher proportion of ice is sticking around through multiple years.Yereth Rosen
A team of archeologists, biologists and geologists will spend the next two summers in the Islands of Four Mountains, studying the impacts of climate change and human settlement -- and searching for Russian bullets from the 1700s.Jim Paulin
The lakes that dot Alaska's Arctic plain take up as much space as the land that separates them, and they hold important clues for what to expect as the planet warms.Ned Rozell
Some of the rules that limit commercial fishing in the western Aleutian Islands are no longer needed to protect endangered Steller sea lions, federal regulators said in a management document issued Wednesday.Yereth Rosen
In the Cordova area, the USFS maintains 15 hiking trails covering 35 miles and 15 recreation cabins from the tip of Montague Island to the eastern Copper River Delta. The Cordova Ranger District is also an active participant in international migratory bird conservation programs.Jennifer Gibbins
Citing budget issues, the Alaska Department of Fish and Game is putting an end to nearly four decades of walrus monitoring on the Southwest Alaska island.Alex DeMarban
A new study suggests that previous estimates overestimated the amount of water on the moon.Sudeshna Chowdhury
The find adds to the evidence that dinosaurs lived year-round in the Far North during the Cretaceous period up to 145 million years ago, despite scarcity of daylight and food sources.Yereth Rosen
Despite the fact that the ground is still frozen, trees in Alaska's Interior are swelling with water as they prepare for the warmth to come. Ned Rozell
While the 50th anniversary of the disastrous 1964 Good Friday earthquake is recognized in Alaska and beyond, scientists are uncovering signs that there may have been four similarly massive quakes in the past millennium centered in the Kodiak region.Yereth Rosen