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Amy Winczura ended her college career as one of Alaska’s most decorated gymnasts, with a 2013 national championship on the vault and six All-America honors.

Van Williams
Like most freshman, Faith Clark of Ketchikan had to wait her turn when she got to college. Now she's taking advantage. Van Williams
When freshman quarterback Zach Lujan of Anchorage arrived at Chabot College in California he was fourth on the depth chartVan Williams
Students and teachers from Kotzebue, Kiana and Noorvik formed a snowmachine caravan, volunteering with the race and learning about mushing and its history.Jillian Rogers

At any given day at Southside Gym in Anchorage, Alaskan powerlifters who compete in the Special Olympics can be found working out, trash-talking and joking around. 

Tara Young
The junior sat back in the pack for the first lap before unleashing a killer kick that saw him post a personal-best time of 1:51.17.Van Williams
Kari Hancock of Anchorage has been around horses her whole life, but that doesn’t mean they are all the same.Van Williams

Ride out the bore tide with whitewater kayakers in this video shot in Anchorage's aquatic backyard.

Tara Young
They call Madison Square Garden in New York City ‘The World’s Most Famous Arena’ and tonight for a moment Devon Bookert of Anchorage took center stage.Van Williams

Filmmaker Luc Mehl and his friend Derek Collins took 14 days to travel 250 miles on foot through southwestern Alaska's Wood-Tikchik State Park.

Tara Young