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From Fairbanks to Homer, travel companies are opening early to welcome Alaskans before the crowds arrive, and the packages are priced right -- but you might have to act fast.

Scott McMurren
As more airlines migrate north for the summer, competitive pressure results in lower peak-season fares. And that's good news for the Alaskan traveler.Scott McMurren
There are some good air fare deals right now -- but the really great deals are around the corner in mid-May.Scott McMurren

Last month I took the Alaska Railroad’s weekly “Aurora Train” from Anchorage to Fairbanks and then farther north to Wiseman for stunning views of the aurora borealis.

Scott McMurren
The best aurora viewing season in Alaska is coming up. Ride the train north for better views.Scott McMurren
JetBlue leads this summer's price war, while Alaska and Delta ramp up the Battle for Seattle. There are enticing airfares right now from Alaska to California, Phoenix and Portland, too.Scott McMurren
There are a number of ways for the average Alaskan to get down to Juneau while the Alaska Legislature is in session. See your lawmakers in action -- and make sure your voice is heard.Scott McMurren
As air fares rise, smart travelers take advantage of miles, points and bonuses offered by credit card issuers.Scott McMurren
With airlines competing for Alaskans' dollars, there's lots of "downward pressure" on airfares from the Last Frontier. Choose from wintertime deals, or lock in summertime savings from seasonal carriers.Scott McMurren
More airline competition in Alaska's skies may mean lower fares in 2014 -- but as airlines continue to look at the bottom line, it may also mean getting nickel-and-dimed by higher fees.Scott McMurren



Alaska gas line revenues could hit $4 billion, but don't count the money just yet

OPINION: It's possible that a gas pipeline could generate $4 billion a year a decade from now. But if oil and gas prices tank while construction costs shoot up, the state could collect 10 percent of that amount. In thinking about a gas pipeline, Alaskans shouldn't think of the much-quoted $4 billion forecast as a given.Dermot Cole