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A species of bird now flying north to summer breeding grounds in the boreal forests of Alaska and Canada has fallen on hard times, and biologists are asking the public to help figure out why.

Yereth Rosen
When a great horned owl swept low across a yard and then out of sight in Homer carrying a pet dog, the family was devastated. But the tale of the dog and raptor was only beginning. Hannah Heimbuch | The Homer Tribune
A history of wolves on Alaska's Kenai Peninsula reveals trials and tribulations -- both human-created and otherwise -- for the animals, including poisoning, hunting, trapping and disease.Jenny Neyman
The Last Frontier’s newest movie stars are three grizzly bears named Sky, Amber and Scout.Sean Doogan
As roughly a dozen eagles make their way back to the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center in Southcentral Alaska, officials prepare for the center's birthing season.Megan Edge
Traces of some pesticides that were likely never used in Alaska have been showing up in fish tested in the state's national parks, according to a new study. And they appear to be arriving in some roundabout ways.Yereth Rosen
Crews from Alaska's coastal Arctic communities have begun the spring hunt. But more new ice than usual in the past few years serves as a reminder to the crews of the dangers involved.Jillian Rogers
The areas coveted as sea routes for commercial shippers seeking to exploit increasingly ice-free Arctic waters are the same areas that are vital to millions of seabirds that flock north each summer to feast under the midnight sun, says a newly published study.Yereth Rosen
An alternative energy project receiving $3.4 million in federal economic stimulus funds is in shambles.  Bird-friendly wind turbines that were to power the offices of the Izembek National Wildlife Refuge in Western Alaska are sitting in a pile on the ground.Craig Medred
Alaska's polar, brown and black bears are the descendants of common ancestors that first began to split off into different species more than a million years ago, says a new study. Another study suggests one isolated population of brown bears may be more related to polar bears than to other brown bears.Yereth Rosen