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A reportedly suicidal man in an inflatable raft was pulled from the waters of Cook Inlet between Anchorage and Fire Island Tuesday evening, despite a series of convoluted communications between authorities that confused the rescue and led to misinformation about how it was conducted.Ben Anderson
The back and forth over state funds set aside for a proposed indoor tennis facility in Anchorage has ended. Legislators hashing out the state capital budget have decided to use the remaining $4.4 million for another purpose.Sean Doogan
Cook Inlet natural gas has had its ups and downs over the years, but the Anchorage Chamber of Commerce is optimistic -- especially after looking at the industry's economic benefits to the region.Suzanna Caldwell
What's in a name? Potentially everything, if you're running for office in Alaska and your name is Dan Sullivan.Sean Doogan
With $13 million in savings and increased revenue from last year, Anchorage leaders are considering ways to put the extra money to good use -- while keeping an eye on the reality that state money may be harder to come by in the years ahead.Sean Doogan

At any given day at Southside Gym in Anchorage, Alaskan powerlifters who compete in the Special Olympics can be found working out, trash-talking and joking around. 

Tara Young
The first order of business for the Anchorage Assembly after the April 1 election was to elect a new chair and vice-chair.Sean Doogan


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