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Landslides are a natural occurrence, but human activities can trigger them as well. Scientists are looking for causes of a landslide in Wyoming as well as one in Washington State that killed at least 39 people.Brad Knickerbocker
Blended learning combines the best of online learning with traditional teaching. The educational trend is showing results – higher test scores, happier teachers and students – as more schools adopt and adapt it. Amanda Paulson
Aereo provides TV viewing and recording to subscribers via the Internet for $8 a month. But Aereo pays major broadcast companies nothing, and broadcasters say that violates copyright protections.Warren Richey
A policy to remove apostrophes from signs in the learned English town has touched off a firestorm – and sent vigilante grammarians into the streets with markers in hand.Sara Miller Llana
The winding route of the Boston Marathon through eight municipalities poses a unique challenge for law enforcement. The heightened interest this year means more runners and more spectators.Elizabeth Barber
Of the estimated 150,000 killed in Syria in the last three years, at least 58,000 were regime fighters – an estimated 20,000 more than the opposition.Kristin Solberg
A Pew survey of 1,000 Americans asked to predict the future showed a lot of optimism but also considerable skepticism about where technology may be leading us.Patrik Jonsson
After the bombings last year, 'Boston Strong' first surfaced in a tweet from Cleveland, on a jersey in the Red Sox dugout, then on T-shirts everywhere. But some say it's time to live strong, not talk so much about it.Noelle Swan
States have struggled to balance the innocent against the indecent when it comes to personal exhortations on state-owned license plates. First Amendment issues are at stake.Patrik Jonsson
Rhetoric in the skirmish over Cliven Bundy's cattle grazing on federal land in Nevada is harsh. But national tea party organizations and the GOP don’t see it as a major fight – not like Obamacare.Brad Knickerbocker


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