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The American reporter for Vice News had been shooting often reckless videos of the crisis before he was grabbed by pro-Russia militiamen. He was released Thursday after being held for four days.Anna Kordunsky
The Nevada rancher who took on the BLM now posits that 'the Negro' may be better off as slaves. The link between racially offensive views and a certain strain of far-right politics seen at the Cliven Bundy ranch is well established, analysts say.Patrik Jonsson
A comedy of Russian art and politics finds a frustrated writer being torn apart at the seams.
Journalist Ann Scott Tyson examines the complicated life of Army Special Forces Major Jim Gant.James Norton
In early November 2013, B31, an iceberg six times the size of Manhattan, broke off from Antarctica’s Pine Island Glacier. Now, researchers are concerned that it could be drifting.Sudeshna Chowdhury
Obama said the US would defend Japan in any conflict with China over the Senkaku islands. His trip has targeted better relations with Prime Minister Abe, whose comments about Japan's World War II history have caused strains.Justin McCurry
The Food and Drug Administration on Thursday proposed new regulations of e-cigarettes, including restricting sales to minors and requiring health warnings on packaging. A ban on flavored electronic cigarettes is not on the list.Noelle Swan
Samsung Galaxy S5 product line may be splitting in two, if new rumors prove true. A premium version with a better screen and processor could soon be released.Karis Hustad
One year on, some survivors of the factory collapse in Bangladesh have gone back to work. There are industry-wide efforts to improve safety, but challenges remain. Saad Hammadi
Militants occupying government buildings across eastern Ukraine are clear in their calls for 'federalization.' When pressed on what that means, though, things get murky.Sabra Ayres


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