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Alaska has created specific community-quota hunts to help the regional Native corporation Ahtna and others obtain wild game, but Rep. Don Young said at a congressional hearing that they aren't working.Craig Medred
In the Cordova area, the USFS maintains 15 hiking trails covering 35 miles and 15 recreation cabins from the tip of Montague Island to the eastern Copper River Delta. The Cordova Ranger District is also an active participant in international migratory bird conservation programs.Jennifer Gibbins

100-mile wilderness unicycle ride? Fairbanks man proves naysayers wrong.

April 1, 2014 - 8:28pm -- SLW
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Some said Elliot Wilson would be crazy to try a winter ultramarathon in frigid Interior Alaska while riding a contraption more commonly associated with circuses than elite endurance races.

Looking for a challenge, Fairbanks resident Elliot Wilson decided to learn to ride a unicycle, then signed up for and completed a 100-mile endurance race on it, proving the naysayers wrong along the way.Suzanna Caldwell
After 7 hours, 32 minutes of skiing Saturday, Tetlin teacher Barb Baysinger wrapped up the springtime 50-kilometer ski marathon in Fairbanks—an adventure known as the Sonot Kkaazoot—as excited as any champion who ever crossed a finish line, though she was last.Dermot Cole
Anchorage has Flattop. Palmer and Wasilla have Bodenburg Butte. Both destinations have reasonably sustainable trails, although work still needs to be done. Mount Baldy could be Eagle River’s Flattop, if it weren't so dangerous.  Rick Sinnott

For the fishermen and women who supply the catch for the Sitka Conservation Society's Fish to Schools program, the work is about more than just a job.

Tara Young

Disabilities are no barrier to enjoying winter sports at Challenge Alaska, where physical, developmental and cognitive differences just mean you might need some special equipment -- and some friendly support -- to get down the mountain.

Tara Young


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