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The areas coveted as sea routes for commercial shippers seeking to exploit increasingly ice-free Arctic waters are the same areas that are vital to millions of seabirds that flock north each summer to feast under the midnight sun, says a newly published study.

Yereth Rosen
A Montreal company is using unmanned aircraft to scout out ice conditions, thus helping ships avoid trouble and extra expenses. Eilís Quinn, Eye on the Arctic
The territorial government is paying a smaller premium to public employees working in remote towns. CBC News
Wood chips gathered within a 90-mile radius of a wood-chip power plant will provide most of the fuel for the produced heat and electricity, the utility says.. YLE News
The Inuit corporations that own Canadian North and First Air say a merger would improve the airlines' service to far-north communities..CBC News
Traces of some pesticides that were likely never used in Alaska have been showing up in fish tested in the state's national parks, according to a new study. And they appear to be arriving in some roundabout ways.Yereth Rosen
Finland's former president says NATO membership is long overdue and could give the debt-ridden nation some financial relief.YLE News
The plan includes a mix of investment in roads, railways, tunnels and other transportation projects.Radio Sweden
The Finnish-designed ship, built by a Russian-Finnish joint venture, uses the side of its hull to clear out wide paths through the ice.YLE News
Teachers in remote and rural communities work five more hours a week than their urban counterparts, the study found. CBC News