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Bush Pilot

K2 Aviation has been flying in and around Denali National Park for more than 30 years and is one of only four companies with permission to land on Mount McKinley.

Colleen Mondor
The National Transportation Safety Board determined an aircraft that crashed in September 2013, killing pilot Michael Zobel was caused by failure to maintain proper airspeed at low altitude.Colleen Mondor

A collection of 85,000 historic newsreels released last week on YouTube includes several films of Alaska aviation recorded during the mid-20th century.

Colleen Mondor
With so many military wrecks scattered across Alaska, author Nicolas Veronico's close look at hunting and recovering warbirds around the world is a real eye-opener. Colleen Mondor
According to the report, weather does not appear to have been a factor in the Ravn Alaska air group accident that resulted in the death of two pilots.Colleen Mondor

In a video making the rounds on the web, skier Reese Hanneman is towed behind an Aviat Husky aircraft through a snowfield. But is it legal?

Colleen Mondor
The National Transportation Safety Board is currently investigating four accidents and one incident involving members of Ravn Alaska air group, including a fatal crash outside of Bethel Tuesday night. Alaska Airlines is currently in the process of "unwinding" its business partnership with one Ravn Alaska member, Hageland Aviation.Colleen Mondor
In Alaska, the aviation community has learned the hard lesson that while “missing” is only part of the story, sometimes it can be a very long time before the true ending is every known.Colleen Mondor

Flying is already a big part of the Iditarod, but there might be no better way to watch the Last Great Race than by paramotor, or powered paraglider. Just make sure to bundle up.

Colleen Mondor
A P3 aircraft operated by NASA is overflying the Chukchi and Beaufort seas as part of an ongoing project to survey polar ice. Colleen Mondor