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The Denali Doubles Sled Dog races gives racers one last chance at a race win before the Iditarod starts on March 1, and the unusual event encourages mushers to think outside the box.

Suzanna Caldwell
The last major race of the sled dog racing season has a nearly full slate of mushers, despite tough financial times.Jillian Rogers
The Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race included SPOT trackers with an SOS safety function for the first time this year, and although (or perhaps because) several mushers used the SOS function, reactions to the technology remain mixed.Suzanna Caldwell
OPINION: 2014 Iditarod Champion Jeff King got a lot of attention with his Facebook post about his plan to wear a helmet through the notorious Dalzell Gorge, especially brutal this year.  Until someone invents a breathable, insulated high impact crash helmet, mushers must be aware of their high risk of sustaining a traumatic brain injury should they choose not to wear helmets.Brenda Bogowith
Mushers say the Quest, with fewer participants and much less financial backing, is in a precarious position. CBC News
After decades of waiting, the film "Spirit of the Wind" about sprint musher George Attla is finally available for purchase in Alaska's largest city.Suzanna Caldwell
The Alaska trail from Willow to Nome was so bad before trail crews worked it over, race officials considered moving the race start to Fairbanks. But a gang of volunteers have made the trail passable -- though dangerous.Craig Medred
They won't be breaking any speed records, but a handful of Iditarod mushers keep coming back to Siberian huskies, the loyal, hardworking, sturdy breed that for decades has defined dog mushing in the North.Suzanna Caldwell
The three fastest bikers in in the Iditarod Trail Invitational left the Rohn checkpoint and headed north toward Nikolai and the finish line in McGrath. But difficult conditions await them near the old Farewell Burn.Craig Medred
Weather conditions all over the state have been wretched, even in the normally cold, snowy Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta, meaning a lot of extra work for Iditarod mushers from the region.Suzanna Caldwell