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A prominent Southeast Alaska cultural leader says a Yale University museum that has held onto a pair of Tlingit carvings taken from Cape Fox more than a century ago should voluntarily return the items instead of waiting for tribal officials to make a formal request.Alex DeMarban
With so many military wrecks scattered across Alaska, author Nicolas Veronico's close look at hunting and recovering warbirds around the world is a real eye-opener. Colleen Mondor
A new report says commercial maritime activity in Alaska's Arctic waters will likely be limited in the next decade due to high operating costs, lack of infrastructure, and limited demand for tourism.Yereth Rosen
The patrol vessel Stimson won't move to Kodiak, a move troopers had proposed to save money. Meanwhile a second vessel, the 120-foot Wolstad will be replaced by a smaller vessel.Jim Paulin
A 25-year-old Dillingham man, visiting Togiak to speak to others about his recovery, has been charged with breaking into the village clinic and stealing several prescription drugs.Dave Bendinger
The Alaska Legislature enters the final two days of the legislative session with most of its major bills not quite ready for final action. Lawmakers prepared to work late into the night Saturday with the 90th day of the session arriving on Easter. Dermot Cole
It's crunch time in the Legislature, and although much of the wheeling and dealing is being done behind closed doors, constituents can track the official progress of the bills they care about using the BASIS online tool.Pat Forgey
OPINION: Having an issue with Republican Party leadership is understandable, but that's no excuse to smear a good candidate with a long history of public service in a host of elected offices because he doesn't satisfy an unattainable purity test.Jim Colver
Unplanned events -- like fixing or replacing a broken snowmachine -- come with the territory for scientists whose research takes them to broad, bare expanses of the North Slope's coastal plain.Ned Rozell
After an early morning collision, Anchorage resident Ariel McGrew was arrested on charges of driving while intoxicated.Alaska Beat
ANALYSIS: State officials say there is a public interest in keeping the Petro Star refineries in business, which is why they support a subsidy plan. No one has said that the Tesoro refinery is likely to shut down, though, which is a good reason to take Tesoro out of the bill.Dermot Cole
Alaska schools are being offered what Senate Republican leaders are saying is generous funding for next year, but it is less than school advocates say Alaska schools need to stave off another year of teacher and other cuts.Pat Forgey
Students and teachers from Kotzebue, Kiana and Noorvik formed a snowmachine caravan, volunteering with the race and learning about mushing and its history.Jillian Rogers
OPINION: Instead of leaving Alaska's fate in the hands of the federal justices, let's make a statement together -- Alaska is a place that accepts, loves, and provides equal opportunity to all Alaskans. Hollis French

As house hunters in Anchorage desperately seek affordable homes, attractive, affordable real estate is readily available -- for those who are willing to live with a bit of a commute.

Megan Edge
After the national economic crash in 2007-08, the housing and renting market in the Matanuska-Susitna Borough fell off. But these days both the construction and buying markets have become quite competitive. Megan Edge
Though significantly lower in height than Everest, Mount McKinley climbing is rendered difficult by the mountain's extreme northern location. It's much colder than Everest, too. Craig Medred
Despite claiming disability over the course of five years, he allegedly went dip netting and fishing. Now Amancio Zamora Agcaoili Jr. has been indicted for fraud and stealing money from the government.Jerzy Shedlock
OPINION: Alaska is suffering from a crisis in finances and in leadership. Alaska is in danger of proving Wally Hickel's fears correct by slipping from an "owner state" to an "owned" state.Bill Walker
Defense attorneys representing James Michael Wells, who is charged with murdering two co-workers on Kodiak Island in April 2012, attempted to call a well-known criminal nicknamed “Eyeball” as a witness. Prosecutors fought his inclusion.Jerzy Shedlock