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OPINION: It's possible that a gas pipeline could generate $4 billion a year a decade from now. But if oil and gas prices tank while construction costs shoot up, the state could collect 10 percent of that amount. In thinking about a gas pipeline, Alaskans shouldn't think of the much-quoted $4 billion forecast as a given.Dermot Cole
OPINION: The death of legislation proposing changes to Alaskans' access to water rights proves that loud and sustained public outcry can indeed change the course of government for the greater good. But Alaskans should keep vigilant for the bill's return.Hal Shepherd
ANALYSIS: Demand for liquefied natural gas is steadily rising, and anxiety is growing about supply and where prices will wind up after a host of new projects come online worldwide.Bill White
Overall quantities are down, but fuel-handling tasks continue to result in spills at storage sites, pipelines and at homes. CBC News
In a Wednesday morning press conference, the Campaign to Regulate Marijuana like Alcohol in Alaska fired its first salvo against its opposition. The anti-legalization campaign says those tactics are ones they've seen before.Suzanna Caldwell
The daughter of one of two men killed at a U.S. Coast Guard installation on Kodiak in April 2012 testified Wednesday during the trial of James Michael Wells, the man accused of murdering her father.Jerzy Shedlock
A species of bird now flying north to summer breeding grounds in the boreal forests of Alaska and Canada has fallen on hard times, and biologists are asking the public to help figure out why.Yereth Rosen
With $15 million in savings and increased revenue from last year, Anchorage leaders are considering ways to put the extra money to good use -- while keeping an eye on the reality that state money may be harder to come by in the years ahead.Sean Doogan
Dr. Shubhranjan Ghosh and his office manager allegedly falsified Medicaid records whenever company finances were down, sometimes picking patients at random and billing the office manager's seven children for services that were never performed.Laurel Andrews
The Southeast Alaska dive team consists of 24 divers, a mix of commercial fisheries area management biologists, assistant area biologists, herring and shellfish research biologists, and a few biologists from other divisions.Scott Walker
Canada's commitment to the Arctic Council remains strong, but representatives skipped the meeting to make a statement about Russia's actions in Crimea and elsewhere, officials said..Eilís Quinn, Eye on the Arctic
As roughly a dozen eagles make their way back to the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center in Southcentral Alaska, officials prepare for the center's birthing season.Megan Edge
A bill to subsidize in-state refineries Alaska refineries expanded Tuesday with the addition of the shuttered Agrium fertilizer plant. The $10 million amendment, introduced by House Speaker Mike Chenault, was introduced at 9:25 a.m. and adopted two minutes later, with one minute for public testimony in between. Dermot Cole
The Alaska Senate has approved a bill that would require a bond to be posted for challenging industrial projects in court. Critics say it amounts to an unfair limitation on legal recourse.Alaska Dispatch
By a vote of 13-7 Tuesday, the Alaska Senate passed legislation that would allow out-of-state appointees of the governor to sit on the board of the Alaska Gasline Development Corporation.Pat Forgey
If you could ask Vladimir Putin one question, what would it be? Submit it to Russian National Central Television's woman in Alaska, and the Russian leader may answer it in his annual, sit-down Q-and-A.Alex DeMarban

In a video making the rounds on the web, skier Reese Hanneman is towed behind an Aviat Husky aircraft through a snowfield. But is it legal?

Colleen Mondor

At any given day at Southside Gym in Anchorage, Alaskan powerlifters who compete in the Special Olympics can be found working out, trash-talking and joking around. 

Tara Young
A woman claims that long-time Anchorage attorney Peter Walton breached a contract when his family reclaimed property that he had leased to her for 60 years. The two had allegedly made an agreement that Walton would provide Mia Tan with housing in return for companionship for the rest of his life.Laurel Andrews
A handful of Alaskans are looking to make sure a ballot initiative that would legalize marijuana in Alaska doesn't come to pass.Suzanna Caldwell