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In a piece for Politico, a University of Alaska Anchorage political science professor argues that by giving Joe Miller a national audience with her 2010 Senate race endorsement, Sarah Palin helped ensure a victory for Mark Begich this fall.Alaska Dispatch
The wrangling over Alaska's education funding bill continued on Tuesday in a special committee made up of House and Senate members, who seemed as far apart as ever in the debate over how, and how much, funding to provide Alaska's schools.Pat Forgey
Some Western Alaska leaders worry that a proposed ballot initiative to legalize marijuana will place undue burden in already strained rural Alaska villages.Suzanna Caldwell
In the waning hours of the 2014 legislative session Alaska lawmakers introduced, then reduced, then ultimately eliminated a budget item that would have put up money to "influence the outcome" of a ballot initiative vote. It was the right thing to do, though it highlighted the need for a more transparent budget process.Dermot Cole
The back and forth over state funds set aside for a proposed indoor tennis facility in Anchorage has ended. Legislators hashing out the state capital budget have decided to use the remaining $4.4 million for another purpose.Sean Doogan
The state argued Tuesday that a ballot initiative banning setnetting in Alaska's urban areas is unconstitutional because it involves resource allocation, a matter reserved for the Legislature. Initiative supporters say the measure only targets gear, a common initiative topic.Suzanna Caldwell
The defense team representing James Michael Wells called upon a tire expert Tuesday to challenge a piece of the government’s theory of how a double homicide on the island of Kodiak took place in April 2012.Jerzy Shedlock
Even though Anchorage climber Mike Gordon found the Khumbu Ice Fall "extremely creepy" he kept returning to Mount Everest, hoping to reach the summit.  Craig Medred
Alaska Wildlife Trooper Sgt. Brent Johnson said the illegal lingcod harvest was substantial for that region, amounting to approximately 70 percent of the entire lingcod quota for the area. Yereth Rosen
Some residents of northern Canada are worried that passenger fares and cargo rates will rise if competitors combine. CBC News
Approvals have been granted for the new farms, where 45 wind turbines are expected to produce power, at a cost of $276 million. YLE News
Much-smaller Hilcorp, known for its role in rejuvenating oil production in the aging Cook Inlet oil patch, is expected to agree to become operator of the Endicott, Northstar and Milne Point oilfields on Alaska's North Slope.Alex DeMarban
When a great horned owl swept low across a yard and then out of sight in Homer carrying a pet dog, the family was devastated. But the tale of the dog and raptor was only beginning. Hannah Heimbuch | The Homer Tribune
Alaska State Troopers found 2 ounces of meth, along with 32 baggies containing suspected meth, in Kenneth Bradley's backpack on Monday morning, according to charging documents.Laurel Andrews
OPINION: Alaska's Medicaid payment system is a mess and it is affecting everyone from large hospitals and medical practices to self-employed Alaskans. And it's time to make fixing the problem a priority.Byron Mallott
The leading party in Sweden's governing coalition has overruled the environment minister's 2013 pledge of support for a fund aiding impoverished countries.  Radio Sweden
A man floating in Cook Inlet in a powerless, deflating raft was blown back to shore by the rotor wash of an Air Force helicopter.Alaska Dispatch
Joe Miller officially announced his candidacy for the Alaska Republican Party's 2014 U.S. Senate nomination in front of approximately 200 energetic supporters in Wasilla on Monday night.Alex DeMarban
The Alaska Legislature will go at least into a 92nd day as debate continues over HB 278, the omnibus education bill and centerpiece to a legislative session that has come to be called at Gov. Parnell's suggestion, the "education session."Pat Forgey
On Monday, a day after the legislative session was supposed to end, the House began debating amendments to its capital budget, which didn't see the light of day until late Saturday.Dermot Cole