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Temperature trends show the Arctic warmed about 1 degree per decade, on average, between 1981 and 2012. Compare that to the global per-decade average of 0.3 degrees Fahrenheit over the same period, according to NASA.

Yereth Rosen
Winter conditions and community growth take tolls on sewage facilities in Nunavut.CBC News
The Inuvik-based telephone company says it would provide better emergency communications than company selected by the Yukon government.CBC News
Some residents of northern Canada are worried that passenger fares and cargo rates will rise if competitors combine. CBC News
Approvals have been granted for the new farms, where 45 wind turbines are expected to produce power, at a cost of $276 million. YLE News
The leading party in Sweden's governing coalition has overruled the environment minister's 2013 pledge of support for a fund aiding impoverished countries.  Radio Sweden
NOAA is planning to increase the number of data-collecting sensors on land, at sea and on satellites. Better real-time data will help NOAA better predict immediate dangers in the Arctic, such as rapid ice form-up and storm surges.Yereth Rosen
A new report says commercial maritime activity in Alaska's Arctic waters will likely be limited in the next decade due to high operating costs, lack of infrastructure, and limited demand for tourism.Yereth Rosen
The Royal Canadian Mounted Police found vodka, beer and other contraband in vehicles stopped on winter roads. Yukon officials, meanwhile, are hoping to expand 911 service beyond the Whitehorse area. CBC News
A candidate for EU's parliament says global warming is Europe's biggest challenge over the next five years. Finland, meanwhile, reports significant progress in curbing carbon-dioxide emissions. Radio Sweden and YLE News