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OPINION: Losing Alaska's first languages would be more than a loss of culture.

Don Rearden
OPINION: Alaska's Medicaid payment system is a mess and it is affecting everyone from large hospitals and medical practices to self-employed Alaskans. And it's time to make fixing the problem a priority.Byron Mallott
OPINION: If the state of Alaska continues to allow private mental health hospitals and psychiatric units to act with the power of the state, then the state has an obligation to set the patient grievance rules, due process and appeal process.Dorrance Collins,Faith Myers
OPINION: Having an issue with Republican Party leadership is understandable, but that's no excuse to smear a good candidate with a long history of public service in a host of elected offices because he doesn't satisfy an unattainable purity test.Jim Colver
OPINION: Instead of leaving Alaska's fate in the hands of the federal justices, let's make a statement together -- Alaska is a place that accepts, loves, and provides equal opportunity to all Alaskans. Hollis French
OPINION: Alaska is suffering from a crisis in finances and in leadership. Alaska is in danger of proving Wally Hickel's fears correct by slipping from an "owner state" to an "owned" state.Bill Walker
OPINION: Lawmakers in Juneau should call for an impact analysis of the oil tax reduction in relation to the Community Revenue Sharing program, which was tied to oil revenue in 2008.Tara Jollie
OPINION: The Alaska Legislature is poised to commit the state to a path to ownership in a pipeline project we cannot afford, and to paying costs for shipping gas we do not produce. And despite the administration’s assurances, many of the project's waypoints may be signed without public involvement or legislative approval.Lisa Weissler
OPINION: I am a registered Republican who's fed up with politicians who do whatever it takes to get into office, and whatever it takes to keep power. I intend to help others like me take the Republican party back.Carol Carman
OPINION: It's possible that a gas pipeline could generate $4 billion a year a decade from now. But if oil and gas prices tank while construction costs shoot up, the state could collect 10 percent of that amount. In thinking about a gas pipeline, Alaskans shouldn't think of the much-quoted $4 billion forecast as a given.Dermot Cole