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OPINION: While Rio Tinto no longer sees the Pebble prospect as a good fit with its current portfolio, donating its shares is not so much a charitable act, but a strategic investment in Alaska's future and the company's future in the 49th state.Jean-Sebastien Jacques
OPINION: A small group of urban-based, privileged individuals  are seeking to destroy a critical foundation of our local economy in favor of their own interests. They are willing to destroy the livelihoods of hundreds of Alaska setnetters like myself.Lillian Person
OPINION: Instead of chasing amendments to Alaska's constitution, let’s focus on the educational investments that experts agree are critical -- adequate state funding, early learning, and making sure students are ready to learn.Tony Knowles
OPINION: If you vote for the candidate and not the party, choosing can be hard. But picking a leader isn’t nearly as complicated as it seems when you start with the team.Tara Jollie
OPINION: Comprehensive smoke-free policies are the only effective way to eliminate secondhand smoke in the workplace. We know enough now about the horrible effects of secondhand smoke to send it outdoors.Michelle Sparck
OPINION: Alaska does not have to sit up and beg every time the U.S. Department of Defense comes out with a new engine of war. We can find better, more humane things on which to base our state's economy.Rob Mulford
OPINION: There are people in Juneau speaking to lawmakers about industrial development in the Ambler area, but they do not speak for all of the people in that corner of Northwest Alaska.Virginia Commack
OPINION: It is a miracle Alaska Native languages have survived as long as they have, and are as strong as they are, given the abuses our peoples have suffered to preserve them. That alone demonstrates how important our languages have been to us.Kyle Wark
OPINION: Since the state’s strategy of financial incentives to find and develop new Cook Inlet gas fields has been a losing bet, the optimal bet to secure a long-term, secure, truly affordable gas supply would be for the state to develop the Cook Inlet gas resource it owns.Jan Konigsberg

The upstate New York home of William H. Seward, the secretary of state responsible for purchasing Alaska, is an outpost of Alaskana in the Northeast.

Krestia DeGeorge