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An alternative energy project receiving $3.4 million in federal economic stimulus funds is in shambles.  Bird-friendly wind turbines that were to power the offices of the Izembek National Wildlife Refuge in Western Alaska are sitting in a pile on the ground.

Craig Medred
Recommendations on how to respond to the possibility oil spills in the U.S. Arctic won consensus from a diverse committee that spent 18 months drafting the report. Yereth Rosen
Much-smaller Hilcorp, known for its role in rejuvenating oil production in the aging Cook Inlet oil patch, is expected to agree to become operator of the Endicott, Northstar and Milne Point oilfields on Alaska's North Slope.Alex DeMarban
On Monday, a day after the legislative session was supposed to end, the House began debating amendments to its capital budget, which didn't see the light of day until late Saturday.Dermot Cole
Cook Inlet natural gas has had its ups and downs over the years, but the Anchorage Chamber of Commerce is optimistic -- especially after looking at the industry's economic benefits to the region.Suzanna Caldwell
The Alaska Senate approved five-year subsidy plans for the Petro Star refineries and the Tesoro refinery at about 2:30 a.m. today. Critics said the companies had not made their case for the subsidy, which would increase the state deficit by up to $150 million over five years. The House adjourned at 4 a.m. without taking up the amended Senate version.Dermot Cole
The Parnell administration got what it wanted from the Legislature Sunday on its gas pipeline plan -- approval of a negotiating process aimed at developing contracts to perform the work necessary to decide if a pipeline will be built.Dermot Cole
The Legislature is expected on Sunday to approve a complex gas pipeline bill that would trigger new negotiations with the oil companies on a project to tap into a vast North Slope resource and help sustain the Alaska economy for decades — if things go according to plan.Dermot Cole
ANALYSIS: State officials say there is a public interest in keeping the Petro Star refineries in business, which is why they support a subsidy plan. No one has said that the Tesoro refinery is likely to shut down, though, which is a good reason to take Tesoro out of the bill.Dermot Cole
As the Legislature nears the final days of its 2014 session, with most major issues unresolved, a plan to subsidize in-state Alaska refineries won House approval Thursday. The first Senate hearing is set for Friday.Dermot Cole