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The areas coveted as sea routes for commercial shippers seeking to exploit increasingly ice-free Arctic waters are the same areas that are vital to millions of seabirds that flock north each summer to feast under the midnight sun, says a newly published study.Yereth Rosen
If the state opts to go into the natural gas business and collects its royalty and tax payments in the form of fuel, it will either lower or raise the economic risk. The House Finance Committee heard two different views from consultants Thursday.Dermot Cole
The Senate Finance Committee added the University of Alaska Fairbanks power plant to the capital budget Wednesday, a $245 million addition that pushes the total plan to $2.1 billion.Dermot Cole
While the Department of Environmental Conservation commissioner says his staff didn't do enough to explain its tough cleanup standard on sulfolane outside the North Pole refinery, the Division of Spill Response and Prevention presented detailed backup material in February.Dermot Cole
House Speaker Mike Chenault said that not making the country's top pipeline experts eligible for appointment to an important group like the board of the Alaska Gasline Development Corp. was simply a technical oversight.Pat Forgey
OPINION: Even though he's from Texas, the Alaska Gasline Development Corp. Board is stronger thanks to the appointment of Richard Rabinow.Mike Chenault
OPINION: Alaska is about to once again jump into an agreement on a gas line project that will cost billions. The problem is the state no longer has the cash reserves to flush away on low-probability projects.Harry Noah
The arguments over spilled sulfolane up to 3 miles from the Flint Hills Refinery took a new twist Friday when the Department of Environmental Conservation commissioner ruled that the agency may have misinterpreted its regulations in setting a cleanup level.Dermot Cole
Republican leaders in the House are trying on two fronts to amend state law to allow a Texas consultant with four decades of industry experience to serve on the Alaska Gasline Development Corp. board. A separate bill and an amendment to Gov. Sean Parnell's gas line legislation have the same goal.Dermot Cole
The effort to expand natural gas distribution in Fairbanks took a big step forward Thursday with the approval of $23 million in state loans aimed at preparing for a gas trucking plan slated to begin in a couple of years.Dermot Cole