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Tfail, located on a spit of land that extends into Syria, is surrounded by Syrian forces on three sides. Hezbollah, a regime ally, sits on the fourth side.Nicholas Blanford
A community relations initiative in which New Yorkers were asked to tweet some feel-good photos to @NYPDnews turned into a PR nightmare, with a torrent of public anger directed at the police.Harry Bruinius
Israel criticized Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas for siding with a terrorist group instead of pursuing peace with Israel. But Mr. Abbas can’t enforce peace without unity.Christa Case Bryant
iOS 7.1.1 update hints at future Apple product features that may ameliorate a slow quarter for revenue.Karis Hustad
Georgia residents with permits to carry guns can now tote their weapons more places, under a bill signed into law Wednesday. The law also reduces the age required to obtain such a permit to 18.Patrik Jonsson
INTERVIEW: Dr. Garen Wintemute, a professor of emergency medicine who runs the Violence Prevention Research Program at the University of California Davis, is, by his own count, one of only a dozen researchers across the country who have continued to focus full-time on firearms violence.Lois Beckett
The Supreme Court said federal law does not require a defendant to pay the entire amount of a multimillion-dollar restitution award owed to a child pornography victim whose abuse is depicted in images widely distributed on the Internet.Warren Richey
The attempted assassination of a leading journalist has provoked a furious response from Geo TV, which in turn has opened a rift in Pakistan's media and a threat to revoke its license.Taha Siddiqui
For decades, submariners and scientists have been puzzled by a strange, low-frequency quacking sound emanating through ocean waters. Now, researchers have finally pinpointed the 'bio-duck' sound's origin.Sudeshna Chowdhury
College enrollment of a graduating high school class peaked in 2009, at 70.1 percent. Now the number is down to 65.9 percent, the Labor Department reports.Mark Trumbull