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Watch as dozens of Russian soldiers parachute onto drifting Arctic ice during a training exercise near the North Pole -- the first of its kind.
Alaska Dispatch
In a video making the rounds on the web, skier Reese Hanneman is towed behind an Aviat Husky aircraft through a snowfield. But is it legal?
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Colleen Mondor
If you could ask Vladimir Putin one question, what would it be? Submit it to Russian National Central Television's woman in Alaska, and the Russian leader may answer it in his annual, sit-down Q-and-A.Film & TVAlex DeMarban

News & Politics

In 6-minute hearing, House panel extends refinery subsidy to Agrium in Nikiski

A bill to subsidize in-state refineries Alaska refineries expanded Tuesday with the addition of the shuttered Agrium fertilizer plant. The $10 million amendment, introduced by House Speaker Mike Chenault, was introduced at 9:25 a.m. and adopted two minutes later, with one minute for public testimony in between. Dermot Cole


Shipping company using drones in the Arctic

A Montreal company is using unmanned aircraft to scout out ice conditions, thus helping ships avoid trouble and extra expenses. Eilís Quinn, Eye on the Arctic


Lawmakers should end Alaska courts' experiment in public shaming

OPINION: The rationalization for keeping dismissed criminal charges public is the very reason they need to be kept confidential: Too many people are not willing to believe that someone charged with a crime can be innocent. But hundreds of people are acquitted or have their cases dismissed each year.Marcelle McDannel